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here, i go... starting a new project.
it's funny - i can't tell you how many times i've tried to start to simplify my life - from the tasks, the stuff. but in the past, is that if i fail, even one day, i just throw my arms up and quit. just me?
well. not this time. not today.
as my oldest starts K in just over three weeks (HOW??), i really want to be there for her. and focus on her sister. and *really* focus on her dad. but i can't tell you what my brain looks like... oh... wait... yes, i can.

yep, that about sums it up.
but, it's time to figure it out. i'll solidly be in my mid-30's in a few short month, and I'm ready to not make it so noodly in my brain.
so here's my plan (and luckily I have an amazing accountability partner who is doing some of this along with me!): cut the spending. I mean, do I really need that? Probably not.clean out the excess. attempt to make some extra money by selling the good quality stuff, and donating the rest. through t…

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